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Other Non-PO Type Payments

Check Request

Check Requests (formerly eCheck in ARIBA) can be used to process Non-PO type payments by completing the Supplier Invoice Request via Workday. Examples are dues, membership to professional organizations, registration fees, and research participant payments. Generally, purchase of all goods and services require a PO for payment to be processed. The University of Miami Payment Matrix below serves as a guide for when a Check Request can be submitted.

For check request instructions, review Workday tip sheets on payment requests.

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Petty Cash

Petty Cash Fund is a cash advance made to a full-time University employee for the purpose of conveniently making small purchases of goods and services in accordance with University policy and procedures.

Petty Cash Policy

Opening a Petty Cash Fund Account: To establish a new Petty Cash Fund, the Petty Cash Fund Request form must be completed.

The request must be accompanied by the following completed forms:

Replenishing Petty Cash Funds:

The custodian or petty cash replenishment requester must complete:

  1. The Excel Spreadsheet for Research (or Non-Research as appropriate) Participant Payment as shown below.
  2. Enter the task “Create Supplier Invoice” in Workday. See Tip Sheet
  3. Attach the Excel Spreadsheet and scanned copy of all related receipts to the Workday Supplier Invoice.

Note: The remaining cash before replenishment, plus receipts, should equal the amount originally issued to fund the Petty Cash account.

It is responsibility of the Custodian to reconcile daily, weekly or monthly. The Controller's Office offers the recommended Petty Cash Department Reconciliation Log to perform the reconciliation.

-  Transferring a Petty Cash Fund: 

The new custodian must complete the Petty Cash Fund Request Form. The completed form should be sent to the Disbursements Office.

Replenishment of any remaining Petty Cash Funds must be completed prior to responsibility of the new custodianship.

-   Increase/Decrease a Petty Cash Fund:

      To increase or decrease a Petty Cash Fund, the Petty Cash Fund Request form must be completed.

Closing a Petty Cash Fund: To close a Petty Cash Fund, the following steps are required:  

  1. Complete the Close Petty Cash Fund Form.  
  2. Reconcile the Petty Cash Fund.
  3. Process any remaining replenishment receipts.
  4. Deposit all cash on hand in a form of check payable to: University of Miami. The locations to make a deposit are as follows:
    1. Coral Gables Campus - Cashier's Office located in Cane Central.
    2. Medical Campus - Please contact Disbursements Office to obtain a listing of the department's nearest location

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Travel Card For Research Studies


OVERVIEW: New Alternative Method to Petty Cash.     

As an alternative to the Petty Cash Request for Funds used to purchase gifts cards to compensate research participants and to pay for related expense, i.e., research participant meals, incidentals and transportation, a Travel Card can be applied for strictly these purposes. 

Exception:  An employee who is currently a travel cardholder, can now use card to purchase gift cards and any related expenses as stated above. However, before purchase: 

  1. Must comply with the IRS Requirements as stated in the section below.
  2. Request prior approval from the Disbursements Office.
  3. Attach signed approval form from Disbursements Office as part of supporting documentation. 


To obtain a travel card for this purpose, please do the following: 

  1. Complete the Research Participant Travel Card Request Form
  2. Complete the Research Participant Payment Questionnaire
  3. Request approval from the Director of Accounting in the Controller's Office, if research study participant information will not be disclosed because the study is confidential. The Controller's Office, Director of Accounting's approval must accompany this request. See below for information regarding confidential and non-confidential 


The University must report annually to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) incentive payments made to each study participant when the total of all payments received by the participant from all University sources total $600.00 or more in any calendar year. To facilitate this reporting, an IRS form W-9 must be requested from each study participant receiving payment. If the study participant is a non-resident of the U.S., a W-8BEN is required and taxes must be withheld at the statutory rate if the non-resident is not from a treaty country and does not have a taxpayer identification number. Please contact the Controller's Office Tax Services Department for the prevailing tax rate and specific instructions for processing. Failure to withhold taxes from any payment will result in the department being charged any taxes due. 

Non-Confidential Studies:

The Research Participant Payment Log Excel spreadsheet must be completed and will require the disclosure of study participant's name, social security number, and the address on the spreadsheet as supporting documentation when reconciling expenses via the expense report process. 

Confidential Research Studies 

There may be extraordinary circumstances where the Principal Investigator of a study may determine that the name and social security number of the participant must remain confidential. In these cases, the following steps need to be completed 

  1. A memorandum clearly stating the reasons why the participant's name, social security number, and address needs to remain confidential must be submitted to the Controller's Office, Director of Accounting who will review each request. Please contact the Controller's Office to obtain the required memorandum. Controller's Office - Director of Accounting, Elizabeth Delgado: If the request is approved, the Investigator and the Disbursements Office will be notified via email.

  2. The Research Participant Payment Log Excel spreadsheet must be completed but will not require disclosure of the study participant's name, social security number and address on the spreadsheet. Instead, the participant's study number should be provided which was assigned by the Principal Investigator to the participant. The Research Participant Payment Log Excel spreadsheet will need to be submitted when reconciling expenses via the expense report process. 
  1. The Principal Investigator will need to inform the Controller's Office by the 1st working day of January for participants who received total payments of $600.00 or more as a research subject in the previous calendar year in order to report the payment to the IRS as required by law. 

Please note that approval is granted for a specific study, therefore an approval for a specific study should not be construed as explicit approval for all studies conducted by the Investigator or by the Department.

Failure to submit the replenishment requisition in the proper format or without supporting documentation including the excel spreadsheet when required will result in processing delays. 

To apply, please complete the application form and send to

Application form

Note: The instructions below are specific to the reconciliation of the Research Participant Travel Card for expenses related to gift card purchases.


  • Expenses must be submitted via the Expense Report Business Process in Workday. 
  • Expenses must be reconciled under one of the spend categories related research participants 
  • Expenses must be reconciled using the departmental worktag 
  • Attachments must include, but not limited, to the following: 
  1. Original receipts (bank statements alone are not sufficient supporting documentation)
  2. Research Participant Excel Spreadsheet (required for confidential/nonconfidential studies) – can be found within "Additional Forms" section below.
  1. IRS W9 form exemption Approval from the Controller's Office: For studies that are confidential, please obtain prior approval from the Controller's Office for tax information waiver.

Undistributed Gift Cards:

If at the time of reconciling expenses, cardholder has undistributed gift cards; the monetary value must be returned by making a deposit, issued in the University’s name, in Cashier’s Office.  Please fill out the Cashier’s Transmittal Form with the following information: 

  • Description: Research Participant T-Card Repayment from (cardholder's name)
  • Revenue/Spend Category Ledger Account: SCxxxxx, GL2001 (since this is a repayment of an expense, please use the appropriate spend category; not a revenue category)
  • Driver Worktag: Department's account number
  • Amount: $xxxxx (this is the monetary value of the undistributed gift cards)

Note: Above must be done prior to preparing expense report

Copy of transmittal receipt must be additional supporting documentation to be attached to expense report, as proof of deposit 

Additional Forms

Prior Approval Form (For employees who already have a travel card)

Research Participant Payment Questionnaire

Excel Spreadsheet for Research Participant Payment

Petty Cash Transformation Training

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