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General Accounting

 The General Accounting area of the Controller’s Office has as its primary responsibilities the daily operations of the University’s accounting system (Workday Finance), including:

  • Monitor the flow of transactions to the general ledger system (Workday Finance) via online journals, allocations and integrations.
  • Creation and system maintenance (including changing attributes of all University non-sponsored driver worktags.
  • Coordination of the month/year end.
  • Reconciling the Gift system and Workday.
  • Placing of Stop Payments and issuing of replacement checks (see FORMS and FAQ’s pages).
  • Tax Reporting: Annual Federal 1099 reporting (see Frequently Asked Questions page), State of Florida reporting including Sales tax, Abandoned or Unclaimed Property.
  • Reconciliation of various ledger accounts.
  • Approval of journals and Ad Hoc Bank transactions.
  • Mass Cancellation of 'In Progress' journals.
  • FAQ
    • Reason for Mass Cancellation Process:
      • In order to proceed with the next steps of a month end close, any journals that have a status of 'in progress' will be cancelled.
    • Find Journal, Cancel, Copy or Edit Instructions

General Accounting Procedures

Driver Worktags Approval, Creation and Changes:

The Controller's Office is responsible for approving driver worktag (account) requests for new Spendable Gifts, Programs, Projects and Legacy Values within the Workday accounting system. It is also responsible for: assigning driver worktag I.D. numbers, creating and inactivating driver worktags, updating driver worktag titles, and adding/deleting other allowable worktags (account attributes such as Fund Type and Fin Class), upon request. Cost Center creation and changes are handled by EBS and must be requested via email to

For more information, please see the procedures to follow under the headings below:

  • DRIVER WORKTAGS: Click here to request a driver worktag, initiate changes to driver worktags, or inactivate an existing driver worktag. Please e-mail David Salzburg  at

If your request pertains to a Medical department, e-mail the driver worktag request form to Medical Finance at

If you are requesting an Endowed gift account, please contact Brenda Banks at

Revenue and Spend Categories Definitions:

Click here to see the List of Revenue Categories                        Revenues (Workday vs FRS)
Listing of Revenue Categories is provided by Workday. Report name: Data Audit – Revenue Categories

Click here to see the List of Spend Categories                             Expenses (Workday vs FRS)
Listing of Spend Categories is provided by Workday. Report name: Data Audit  Spend Categories

Unclaimed Property:

Is a term used for outstanding checks, including checks issued by the University that have not been cashed by the payee, e.g. payroll checks, checks issued to vendors, payments to human subjects, reimbursement checks, etc., and claiming outstanding checks on behalf of the University from the State of Florida.



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