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General Information:

The Business Intelligence area consists of a team of report writers to support business/financial needs for the Office of the Controller, and University wide, as needed. Timely provides reports from Finance Workday based on requests from the Accounting areas, and for financial statements/monthly, quarterly, and yearly closings/audit purposes; as well as gathers/proposes, and develops ideas to improve business processes.

In addition to the above, and among some others, the BI team is also responsible for the following:

  • Data Custodian – including security access, for the Onbase application, which is the platform where most of the legacy system records are located.
  • Network administrator – and Data Custodian, for the entire Network structure of the Office of the Controller. Liaison between UMIT and Controller’s office to troubleshoot, and resolve hardware/software system issues.
  • Webmaster for the Office of the Controller Webpage.
  • It also provides support for creating reports from the BI/DataWarehouse reporting tool.