Other Non-PO Type Payments

Other Non-PO Type Payments

  1. Check Request
  2. Petty Cash

Check  Request

Check Requests (formerly eCheck in ARIBA) can be used to process Non-PO type payments by completing the Supplier Invoice Request via Workday. Examples are dues, membership to professional organizations, registration fees, and research participant payments. Generally, purchase of all goods and services require a PO for payment to be processed. The University of Miami Payment Matrix  below serves as a guide for when a Check Request can be submitted.

For check request instructions, see:  http://www.workday-finance.it.miami.edu/training/workday-finance/tip-sheets-and-tutorials/payment-requests/index.html

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Petty Cash

Petty Cash Fund is a cash advance made to a full-time University employee for the purpose of conveniently making small purchases of goods and services in accordance with University policy and procedures.

Petty Cash Policy


Opening a Petty Cash Fund Account: To establish a new Petty Cash Fund, the Petty Cash Fund Request form must be completed.

The request must be accompanied by the following completed forms:

Replenishing Petty Cash Funds:

The custodian must complete (1) of the excel forms shown below, scan all receipts, and create a manual journal in Workday using journal source, Petty Cash, for the receipts charging the Study account (Debit) and the Petty Cash account: Program: PG000119; Spend category: SC09757; Ledger: 1131 (Credit).

The receipts will be audited, expenditures will be recorded, and a check will be issued to the custodian upon approval for the amount of the receipts.

Note: The remaining cash before replenishment, plus receipts, should equal the amount originally issued to fund the Petty Cash account.

It is responsibility of the Custodian to reconcile daily, weekly or monthly. The Controller's Office offers the recommended Petty Cash Department Reconciliation Log to perform the reconciliation.

-  Transferring a Petty Cash Fund: 

The new custodian must complete the Petty Cash Fund Request Form. The completed form should be sent to the Disbursements Office.

Replenishment of any remaining Petty Cash Funds must be completed prior to responsibility of the new custodianship.

-   Increase/Decrease a Petty Cash Fund:

      To increase or decrease a Petty Cash Fund, the Petty Cash Fund Request form must be completed.

Closing a Petty Cash Fund: To close a Petty Cash Fund, the following steps are required:  

  1. Complete the Close Petty Cash Fund Form.  
  2. Reconcile the Petty Cash Fund.
  3. Process any remaining replenishment receipts.
  4. Deposit all cash on hand in a form of check payable to: University of Miami. The locations to make a deposit are as follows:
    1. Coral Gables Campus - Cashier's Office located in the Ashe Building; 1252 Memorial Drive.
    2. Medical Campus - Please contact Disbursements Office to obtain a listing of the department's nearest location.


Disbursements, attn. Petty Cash Manager Gables One Tower, Suite 400 Locator code: 2942 Coral Gables Campus

Email: disbursements@miami.edu

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