Travel and Business Expense Reimbursements

Travel and Business Expense Reimbursements

  1. Expense Report
  2. Spend Authorization
  3. Non-Employee and Student Expense Reimbursement Form
  4. Mileage Reimbursement Information
  5. Foreign Travel Per Diem


Expense Report

Employee business expense reimbursement requests and travel card reconciliation is processed via Expense Report in Workday. For instructions see:

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Spend Authorization

Travel Advances requests are only available for group led travel and is requested by submitting a Spend Authorization in Workday:

Travel Advance Request Form


  • Electronic Travel & Business Expense Reimbursement Policy (to be updated)


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Mileage Reimbursement Information


Mileage Allowance

Mileage Rate Table
Effective Date  Rate
1/1/2019 to present 58 cents/mile
2018 54.5 cents/mile


Relocation Mileage Rate Table
Effective Date Rate
1/1/2019 to present   20 cents/mile
2018 18 cents/mile

- Mileage Log
This is a sample log that is required to accompany requests for multiple mileage allowance reimbursements on a single Expense Report.


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Foreign Travel Per Diem

- Foreign Per Diem

Foreign Per Diem rates vary based on the city and country visits.  This link to the U.S. Department of State website will provide you with the Per Diem Meal rates to include on your reimbursement requests (eBERFs). Select the amount under the M&IE Rate (meals and incidentals) column.

- Currency Converter
Here is a link to a preferred online currency converter.  Reimbursements from the University are only given in USD.  So all foreign transaction must first be converted to USD before being submitted. 


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