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Reports & Closings

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General Information:

The Financial Records System (FRS) Office is the data custodian for FRS data and reporting. This area is responsible for daily, monthly, and yearly system checks and  balances to maintain data integrity. The FRS Office is responsible for overseeing various year-end system processes such as Chart of Account creation and purge,  payroll encumbrance initialization, encumbrance reversals and carry forward, fiscal and project closing and FRS dataset creation and archiving. This area is the network administrator and webmaster for the Controller’s Office.

The FRS area provides user support for the following:

  • FRS reporting – requests for recurring or ad-hoc financial reports or downloads
  • FRS/DMAS system issues – resolving system discrepancies related to encumbrances, balance forward amounts, etc.
  • Financial Reporting Data Warehouse – provides support for creating report templates

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  • Financial Statements

                Audited Financial Statements 

  • System Reports

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Month End Closing

Month-End close is the processing of transactions at the end of each month. These processes are performed for a particular month to ensure that all transactions are posted and reflected on reports. The month is generally closed to the University departments by the first business day of the following month end of day. An email communication along with a month end close calendar is sent out monthly to all department cost center managers and senior business officers with the specific closing dates. Please reach out to Martha Arocha at (305) 284-6148 pertaining to any month end closing dates questions.

Year End Closing

An accounting procedure undertaken at the end of the year to close out business from the previous year, carry forward balances from the previous year. Year-end closing is part of a company's closing operations, and is used to create a company's financial statements. A year-end calendar showing the deadlines and other year-end closing activities, is referenced below.

Fiscal Year End Information & Closing Schedule:

2018 Fiscal Year-End Memo

2018 Fiscal Year-End Key Contacts

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