Controller’s Office Forms

Forms used to create new accounts (Driver Worktags) in Workday - effective 9/1/2017.

Unrestricted accounts are used to record transactions that are part of the general fund. Designated accounts are used to record revenues received from donors, conferences, patient care, etc. and their corresponding expenses.  Restricted accounts are used to record revenues received from donors, sponsoring agencies, etc. and their corresponding expenses that conform to specific restrictions as to the use of the funds.  Project accounts are set up for construction, renovations or reserves for future programs.  Agency accounts are set up for external groups such as student organizations.  Contact Ileana Nuñez at (305) 284-6298 for Endowment accounts. 
Changes to FRS Account Status (freeze or delete account)  Form used to request that a freeze be placed in an account (NOTE THAT no further transactions are allowed with the one exception of  when there is a valid purchase order (encumbrance)) already in the account. The form is also used to delete accounts (no further activity permitted - account is dropped from system after 1 year).  
Request to Move Account Numbers or Delete Accounts If a department is to be inactivated or combined with another department, click on Request to Move Account Numbers or Delete Accounts, and then complete and submit the form per the instructions given. 
Journal Entry Transactions An individual Batch ID must be set up in the accounting system prior to making the journal. See the form to request a Batch ID. To create a journal entry, two forms are required: a Batch Control Form and a Journal Entry form.

OnBase Access Request Form

Electronic Journal Process 
Interdepartmental Requisitions “To order IDR forms, do so via the ARIBA UM ordering system ( The forms are provided by Staples (look for the online store in the Internet suppliers). Once in the Staples online area to order, just search for IDR on the website and they should be found.” 
Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements Transactions - (Rev. Dec. 2014) - A Batch Control Form needs to be completed and attached to both Cash Disbursements (Transaction Code 040) and Cash Receipts (Transaction Code 030) forms just like with Journal Entry forms. A two digit Bank # is required along with a Batch Reference ID. See how to prepare Cash Receipts and Cash Disbursements Journals. For any further questions on this process, call the Bank Reconciliation team in Financial Reporting at (305) 284-5198.  
Cancel or Stop Payment on UM issued checks These forms are used to cancel a UM issued check, place stop payments and /or replace a UM issued check. See our General Accounting FAQ on Stop Payment and Replacement Checks.  
Wire Transfers - International Drafts These forms are used to request payment for goods or services. Note that an FRS Batch Reference No. is required. A Batch Control Form needs to be completed and attached to both the EFT and International Draft forms.  

EFT Wire - Via Workday

For Cash Management Department.

Department Name Changes This form and the memo are used and explain how to change a department name, how to create a new department and how to delete a department.  
W-9 Fill-In Form Please note that after the form is filled in, it must be printed and sent to Karen Bonner in the Controller’s Office for University signature at the following: or 150 Gables One Tower, Coral Gables campus, locator 2912.
Use the clinical department UMDC tax identification number for clinical billing purposes. Use the University tax id number for all other business. Not sure of the tax identification number? Send to Karen and she will complete. 
 Sponsored Programs  -  Please, go to Office of Research website for all Sponsored Programs forms. 
Property Accounting - Equipment  Non Availability of Equipment (for use with equipment purchases via Federal & State grants) - see listing above under Sponsored Programs Forms. 
Accounts Payable / Disbursements